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Service Pricing Summary

Head to our Workshop page or click the service type to view a detailed description of inclusions.

Standard Service Packages

Hub Service from $45
Wheels True from $55
Gear Works $45
Hydraulic Brake Works $45
Brake Works $40
Quick Works $95

Most Popular Service Packages

General Works $150
Comprehensive Works $240
Road Cycle Works $400
Mountain Bike Cycle Works $550

Service Booking Form

Our online booking form is currently under construction. Please call the shop on 9890 2622 or send us a direct email at

We get asked lots of questions, sometimes even bike repair and service related ones

Of course, if your question isn’t listed below drop in or drop us a line.
The dumbest question is the one you never ask.

Can you fit bike parts I bought online?
Saving money is as important to us as a store as it is to you as a customer. We have no problem fitting parts you have supplied yourself, but understand that this will come with a slight premium on the labour you pay.

In selling parts and accessories with services it allows us to absorb the cost associated with the extra time it takes to remove old parts and then fit and tune new parts. On older bikes parts can become seized or damaged before removal and it can take longer than expected, by buying the new part from us, we can usually wear this cost.

For instance, if you were to drop your bike off for a general service and need 2 new tyres and tubes (that you’d bought from us) we include this in the service, and would fit them free.

Will you inform me of extra costs during my bike service?
If your bike needs a minor part during service we usually just fit it and show you the old part when you collect the bike (unless you ask to be advised of all extras).

If a more significant cost is involved we will always call you to discuss the repair. This gives you the opportunity to come and inspect the part if you want to. We will also give you alternatives and tell you the benefits of each alternative.

How can I tell if I've chosen a good bike mechanic?
If you are unsure about your current bike shops workshop, ask to see their torque wrenches. This tool ensures that vital parts are tightened to the correct manufacturer’s specifications. Our workshop has three to cover different torque ranges.

The presence of this tool is no guarantee of workmanship, but it’s a good indication.

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